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Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ the Latter-Day Saints)

The Latter-day Saint Family Encyclopedia by Christopher Kimball Bigelow and Jonathan Langford, edited by Don L. Brugger (Thunder Bay Press) With its original roots in America, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) is now a global phenomenon, with millions of members worldwide.

The Latter-day Saint Family Encyclopedia is a resource for understanding the essentials of the Mormon faith, offering a comprehensive overview of all things LDS. Arranged alphabetically for easy navigation, this A-to-Z guide to Mormonism provides information for family members of all ages. Readers meet leaders of the faith, including founders Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, and learn about LDS prophets and apostles and how the Book of Mormon came to be. This large-format volume is illustrated with more than 400 full-color illustrations, photographs, and works of art.

Authors are Christopher Kimball Bigelow, who worked as an Ensign magazine editor and Jonathan Langford, a freelance writer currently serving as a membership clerk in his LDS ward.

This comprehensive encyclopedia is one-volume compendium that covers the church's history, beliefs, leadership, and culture, including:

  • Key doctrinal terms, beliefs, and ordinances.
  • Church growth and progress throughout the world.
  • People, places, and events in Church history.
  • Key prophets and personalities from all four standard works.
  • Church programs, policies, and organizations.
  • Mormon culture.

LDS scriptures are quoted and referenced throughout The Latter-day Saint Family Encyclopedia. Biographical sketches bring prophets and historical figures to life. Cross-referenced entries explain and summarize key doctrinal terms and concepts. This volume traces Church growth and progress throughout the world, and it explains numerous Church programs, policies, organizations, and cultural practices.

Rich with details, statistics, maps, tables, and full-color photos and illustrations, this book makes a welcomed addition to any home library. The Latter-day Saint Family Encyclopedia promises to become a valuable resource for Latter-day Saints and anyone interested in the religion. Appropriate for use by teens and adults alike, this encyclopedia provides a comprehensive overview of the faith. For readers preparing a talk or lesson, refreshing their memory about church history or scripture, or trying to learn everything they can about Mormonism, this encyclopedia provides a one-stop resource for reviewing the basics in an engaging, readable format.


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