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Spotlight #54: Dreaming Theory as Religion, March 2019

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Spotlight #52: New News: How Do We Find Some Trues? February 2019

Spotlight #51: Cultures Enchanted: Transplanting A Psycho-Analysis, February 2019

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Spotlight #48: Who Do You Say I Am? January 2019

Spotlight #47: Who Decides the Cherished? Tastes, Neighbors, Friends, Homes, Selves; January 2019

Spotlight #46: Stumbling through Life by Design & Accident, December 2018

Spotlight #45: Contemporary Jewish Philosophy Reinventing Traditions, December 2018

Spotlight #44: Classic China Futures Present, November 2018

Spotlight #43: Chinese Classics Present Future, November 2018

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Spotlight #41: Abstract Art in an Age of Walls, November 2018

Spotlight #40: Stars, War & God, October 2018

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Spotlight #37: How Do We (Mis)Manage to Get Along? October 2018

Spotlight #36: Food, Fish, Crime, War: Redemption? October 2018

Spotlight #35: Religion: Persistent Late Myths II, September 2018

Spotlight #34: Religion: Persistent Late Myths I, September 2018

Spotlight #33: Strident Times Measured, September 2018

Spotlight #32: Trustworthy Revelations: History by the Road, September 2018

Spotlight #31: The Platonic Reach, August 2018

Spotlight #30: Myth: Prescriptive History as Culture, August 2018

Spotlight #29: Phase Shift Judaism, August 2018

Spotlight #28: Ideology: Art, Ethics & Illusion, August 2018

Spotlight #27: How We Make Our Self Another Self, July 2018

Spotlight #26: History Politicizes Sensual Metaphysics, July 2018

Spotlight #25: We Can Always Do Better, July 2018

Spotlight #24: Who Are We Where?  The Music, Art & Science of Self-Discovery, July 2018

Spotlight #23: Peripatetic Cultures, July 2018

Spotlight Special Y: A Surrealist Remembrance of Kenneth Rexroth by Stephen Schwartz, June 2018

Spotlight #22: The Long Outside, the Short Inside: History, June 2018

Spotlight # 21: Before & After Christendom, June 2018

Spotlight # 20: Christian Pasts, June 2018

Spotlight # 19: Art as Gossip and History, June 2018

Spotlight # 18: Culture Works, June 2018

Spotlight # 17: Contemporary Nuances, May 2018

Spotlight # 16: Novel America, May 2018

Spotlight # 15: Does the Brain Think Me? May 2018

Spotlight # 14: Is Democracy Utopian? May 2018

Spotlight # 13: Metamodern Motifs: Cycling and Recycling Myth, May 2018

Spotlight # 12:  Montaigne as Myth through History, April 2018

Spotlight # 11: Sufi Wisdom: Love as Philosophy, April 2018

Spotlight # 10: Ottomans and Others: Gryphons from the Heart, April 2018

Spotlight # 9: Islamic Mysticisms: The Green Canopy, April 2018

Spotlight # 8: Coping with the Afterlife of Gods, March 2018

Spotlight # 7: What is Old is Dream Worthy, March 2018

Spotlight # 6: Fictional Truth & Cosmopolitan Falsehoods, February 2018

Spotlight # 5: Metaphors and More, January 2018

Spotlight # 4: Dante and his World, December 2017

Spotlight # 3: Intercultural Religions, November 2017

Spotlight # 2: Once & Future Mythology, October 2017

Spotlight # 1: The Ins & Outs of Body Parts, September 2017

Spotlight # 00:  Eagle & Phoenix, August 2017


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Our reviews are designed to meet the needs of  people who want thorough information about newly published academic books in the humanities, especially in the fields of religious and culture studies, philosophy, history and the social sciences.

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We are dedicated to discovering excellent published scholarship in all fields of the humanities

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Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Wordtrade is a national review of recently published books, audiobooks, interactive media, and online text services.

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Wordtrade began as a print newsletter for bookstores and libraries in 1993. As information has become increasingly electronic, Wordtrade ceased print subscription services and has become an open source for new information and original contents about recent books, specializing in religion, science and philosophy titles but also covering select titles of general interest.

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